DroidPlex! (Supaplex) 1.4.6

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Addictive classic brain-bending puzzler Supaplex - now on your Android.
The 1991 classic game Supaplex now faithfully re-created for your Android. If you liked Supaplex, Boulder Dash or Repton, you will love this.
DroidPlex! also runs great on tablets (tested on Motorola Xoom and Galaxy Tab), with customisable zoom and control options you can tailor DroidPlex! to suit your needs.
DroidPlex! now supports OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements.
This full version contains all 111 original Supaplex levels. You are able to play any of the original levels out of sequence. This version is also ad-free.
Please download and try DroidPlex! Lite before purchasing this full version.
IMPORTANT: If you have any questions or suggestions, etc. please email me, I'm not able to respond to feedback.
"Definitely going to buy this one" - Wolfnut88
"Awesome game. Runs great on Droid X." - robert
"Kan du li' Boulder Dash, vil du elske det her!" - Jeanie
"All great, thank you! - , , , " -
"Great game.. Been looking everywhere for this game.. Works great on galaxy s!" - Flaviu
NOTE: If you have no D-pad on your device, you can now map the action button ontto another hardware button (eg. menu).
NOTE: You can now opt to use a touch-screen action button (BETA).
tags: supaplex,pc,amiga,dos,puzzle,supaplex,puzzler,openfeint,megaplex,boulder dash,boulderdash,repton,supaplex

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